royal brooches

Ever since I received my first pink kid-sized Tweety Bird deck of playing cards, I have been losing cards. Peculiarly, I always average about one card lost per deck, which is extremely irritating since I never feel like that is enough to abandon the entire deck. But really, I hate playing with an incomplete deck and I hate throwing out an entire deck when only one card is missing.

I cannot be the only one with this problem. So to all of you kindred souls out there, I offer a solution: playing card brooches.

This tutorial is specific to the face cards, but the same techniques/methods can be applied to the other cards as well. (Really, you can use the same methods for any image you'd like to make into a brooch.)
You will need an X-acto knife, scissors, Mod-Podge, a paint brush, a pencil, a hot glue gun and a pin back.

Step 1: Decide what part of the card you want to be made into your brooch and cut it out.

Step 2:  Trace this cut-out shape (this will now be referred to as your card cut-out) onto a piece of thick paper board and onto a piece of patterned paper.

Step 3: After cutting out both your board cut-out and your patterned paper cut-out, glue all three of your cut-outs together. Make sure to keep the image side of the card cut-out facing up and the board cut-out sandwiched in between the card cut-out and the patterned paper cut-out. Press and let dry.

Step 5: Apply a layer of Mod-Podge all over the top/image side and let dry. Do the same for the under side/patterned paper side. Let dry and repeat 2 times for both sides.

Step 7: Using a hot-glue gun, attach a pin back to the patterned paper side of the brooch.

Step 8: Let dry & enjoy.

Congratulations, you just made an upcycled brooch!

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  1. I am now determined to make a brooch now. It's very pretty and incredibly creative.